Course trip to the Birlinghovener forest

On a sunny day, the bilingual biology course year 7 went on a field trip to the Birlinghovener forest which was led by Ottmar Hartwig from the Lumbricus-Team NRW. In and around his Umweltbus we wanted to explore the ecosystem forest and learn more about early flowering plants and ground dwellers.  We not only learned about the ecosystem forest and its sustainability, but also carried out various interesting activities: some pupils had to look for and study the lesser celandine and the wood anemone. Moreover, one more pupil had to measure the acidity of the soil in different positions on the ground.

Furthermore other pupils had fun to explore ground dwellers under stereo-magnifiers (in Mr. Hartwig’s Umweltbus) they found on the forest floor. At the end the pupils presented their results to the course.The rolling laboratory was really cool and the field trip was very informative. We had a lot of fun. We are looking forward to another interesting trip!