English like a native speaker? The RSG takes part!

This year (2018) 15 students from the Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasium took part in the PET Cambridge Certificate.

In autumn 2017 the students of grade 8 from the RSG were informed about the PET Cambridge Certificate, which took part in March 2018.
The 15 students from grade 8, who participated in Cambridge, were prepared well by their English teachers.

Cambridge PET Certificate, what is that?

The Cambridge Pet Certificate is a wonderful and famous speaking certificate for students, who want to improve and test their English.
In the exams you have one writing test, one reading test, one listening test and, of course, one speaking test, which is led by professional native speakers.
After the exams you are given your results and your speaking level.

The students from RSG had fun!

In the five-months-preparation the 15 students were thought and prepared. They met every Wednesday at the RSG and worked hard, but they also had fun in the preparation lessons.
“Because English is fun“, said one of the students and another one tells us: “The exercises for preparing are so much different like in school tests. They are fun and you have the feeling your English gets much better than before.

The exams- so exciting…

After the students had improved their English in the five-months-preparation the exams were started.
Every student was very excited but after the exams they felt good and were promised a good result by their English teacher.
And in April 2018 all the 15 students got their results and it was a great
success, because everyone had been very good.

The Cambridge PET Certificate is always an amazing experience for the RSG and its students.

So join our workshops next year!

By Anna Engelmann, 8c